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  Everything we do is out of love for you and respect for our planet with special consideration to organically grown.

                                                                  -Lin Jackman

Camellia's Sin Tea Parlor is the creation of Lin Jackman, who previously owned Lynnwood Herb Farm & Gift Shop. 


The tea parlor opened in November 2005 and quickly became a popular destination among Carlisle residents and visitors alike. What better way to spend a lovely afternoon, than strolling along Pomfret Street in Historic  downtown Carlisle, pausing for a delicious array of flavored black, green and Rooibos teas, complete with home-made soups, organic seasonal salads, delicious scones with curd and cream, and three tiers of sandwiches, meat pies, tarts, cupcakes, pies, cookies and more. Hungry yet? You won't be when you leave!  And just so you remember us, we have an enchanting Gift Shop where you can stock up on those wonderful, one-of-a-kind teas, accessories, jewelry, clothing, stationery, Fairy trappings, and so much more. Perfect for a special day out!

And one more thing...Camellia's sinensus, is the botanical name of the tea plant, hence our name Camellia's "Sin".

Did you know that ALL the tea you drink comes from this one plant?

Gift Shop "Pop Up" hrs. are posted on our Facebook page. Packaged teas, scone mixes, and tea accessories can be ordered via here through our online store for shipping or pick up.

PLEASE NOTE A COMPLETE LIST OF OUR TEAS IS LISTED BELOW.  SOME HAVE NOT MADE IT TO OUR SHOPPING CART YET SO IF YOU DON'T SEE IT ON THE SHOPPING CART JUST GIVE US A CALL AT  at 717-243-6292 or email teaparlor@pa.net to place an order or  with inquiries. Teas can  also be purchased by the pound or half  (call for pricing).  ALL OF OUR TEAS ARE PRICED ACCORDING TO VARIETY 



Bags yield approximately 35 to 40 cups of tea


Oh Christmas Tree - Black Tea with Peppermint, Vanilla, Silver Balls , Holly sprinkles

and Popcorn ($11.98)

Frosty the Snowman - decadent chocolate black tea with creamy coconut and vanilla

combine to create a delicious treat ($11.98)


Peace on Earth - black tea with creamy vanilla notes ($10.98)


The Night Before Christmas - black tea with peppermint, chocolate and vanilla perfect

for decorating the tree ($11.98)


Home for the Holidays - green tea with gorgeous cranberries and dried fruits ($11.98)

Yuletide  black tea with citrus, almonds, cloves and cinnamon ($11.98)

Hearthside Toddy - a warming spicy black tea with cinnamon, ginger and cloves-- a perfect blend

for cold winter days ($11.98)

Sugar Plum Fairy - a festive black tea with cloves, cinnamon, cardamom, orange peel,

 and sprinkling of  gold and silver fairy dust ($11.98)

Naugh 'tea' and Spice - a blend of black teas, cinnamon, sweet orange, 

and cloves (no sugar added) ($11.98)

Snowflake - a year round favorite black tea with coconut, almond and cinnamon ($11.98)

Nutcracker Sweet - delicious green tea with almonds and coconut ($11.98)

Christmas House Tea - this our house tea all dressed up for the holidays - a blend of 4 black teas

with caramel, currants,  vanilla and bergamot - still one of my all time favorites ($11.98)

Cranberry Vanilla - tart and delicious cranberries mellow out with notes

of creamy vanilla - black tea ($10.98)

Snow Angel - a delicate white and green tea blend with vanilla, pineapple,

and mild spices -- love this tea by itself or with a favorite cookie ($11.98)

(Naturally Decaffeinated varieties)

Silent Night - soothing herbal chamomile combine with calming lavender ($11.98)

Away in a Manger - a simple yet satisfying comforting tea of

lemongrass and ginger ($11.98)

Very Berry Merry -- a rich dark berry blend of blueberries, elderberries, black currants,

and hibiscus blossoms ($11.98)

Cranberry Orange - a fruit blend of cranberries, oranges,

and apples ($11.98)

'Olaf' -- herbal rooibos with white chocolate, raisins, carrots and snowflake sprinkles

(a favorite of grown ups and children alike) ($11.98)

Sant's Milk & Cookies -  rooibos rounded out with chocolate, cocoa,

vanilla and real cookie pieces ($11.98)

Peppermint Pat'tea' - rooibos with peppermint, vanilla

and festive sprinkles ($11.98)



Black, Green, White, Chai, Herbal, and Fruit blends

(over 60 varieties!)ers

We sell bulk loose tea. Bulk teas come in 1/2 pound and up, and price/lb. depends on the variety of tea.  Also smaller bagged teas all priced according to variety (yields approximately 40 cups of tea--one teaspoon per 8 oz cup or about .30 to .40 cents a cup!)

In addition to all of the teas listed below we carry Assam, Ceylon, Darjeeling, Earl Grey, English Breakfast, Irish Breakfast, Oolong, Ceylon, and  Matcha and Sencha Green)



ALL AMERICAN CUPCAKE - black tea w/ chocolate, vanilla, butterscotch, and coconut ($11.98/bag)

ALMOND COOKIES GREEN - green tea w/almond and coconut...very smooth and tasty..one of my favorite green tea blends! ($11.98)

ALMOND "J" - black tea w/coconut, almonds and chocolate (11.98)

BACK PORCH - black tea w/oranges, strawberries, blackberries (hot or cold!) ($11.98)

BIRTHDAY BASH - black tea w/chocolate drops,  birthday sprinkles and ice cream bits ($11.98) 

BLUEBERRY CRUMB CAKE - black and green tea w/blueberries and cinnamon ($11.98)

CHOCOLATE POMEGRANATE BARK - black tea w/blueberry, cranberry, raspberry, pomegranate, and chocolate bits ($11.98)

CINNAMON APPLE STICKY BUN - black tea - apple and cinnamon combine to create

gooey goodness..seasonal so limited supply ($11.98)

COCONUT CREAM - black tea w/creamy coconut, chocolate, and vanilla ($11.98)

COUNTESS GREY - Earl Grey blended w/citrus and spices ($10.98)

CRANBERRY AUTUMN - black tea with rich cranberry and orange ($11.98)



EARL GREY CREME de la CREME - Earl Grey w/a delightful splash of creme de la creme ($10.98

FAIRY DUST - black tea blended w/vanilla, spices and botanicals ($11.98)

GRANNY APPLE GINGER - black tea w/ apple, ginger, caramel and licorice ($10.98)

GREENBERRY - green tea w/cranberries and other dried fruits ($11.98)

HARVEST MOON - a black tea w/maple, hazelnuts, and vanilla ($11.98)

HEARTHSIDE TODDY - a warming black tea w/cinnamon, ginger and spices ($11.98)

HOUSE TEA - blend of four black teas w/caramel, currant, bergamot, and vanilla

(one of my favorites!) ($11.98)

HUMMINGBIRD CAKE - a black tea with a sweet cake taste with a melange of fruits and nuts (11.98)

LOVE SHACK - a special blend for your Valentine or any "tine" - black tea/chocolate, cherries, and heart sprinkles ($11.98)

MATCHA - A green powdered tea for the "Japanese Tea Ceremony" ($11.98)

NAUGH 'TEA' AND SPICE - a popular blend for the holidays..an assertive blend of black teas, 3 types of cinnamon, orange peel and sweet cloves. No sugar added ($11.98)

OH CHRISTMAS TREE - a black tea with mint, holly sprinkles, silver bells and popcorn ($11.98)

PEACE ON EARTH - a smooth delicious  black tea w/vanilla spices ($10.98)

PEACH MANGO - black tea with peach and mango bits (smells amazing!) (11.98)

PEPPERMINT BARK - black tea w/peppermint, vanilla, and chocolate kisses ($11.98)

PINEAPPLE UPSIDE DOWN CAKE - black tea w/pineapple, cherries, and caramel (comes in a decaffeinated Rooibos also..see below) ($11.98)

PUMPKIN MARSHMALLOW  - a black tea with pumpkin, vanilla, and fluffy marshmallow!,,seasonal so supply is limited) ($10.98)

PUMPKIN SPICE - black tea w/pumpkin pie spices ($11.98)

RASPBERRY PARFAIT - white and green tea blend w/raspberries , white chocolate, and rose petals (11.98)

ROYAL TEA - blended for the Royal Couple Kate and William  - black tea w/blueberries, and pomegranate (great iced too!) ($11.98)

SALTED CHOCOLATE CARAMEL - black tea w/creamy chocolate, caramel and a hint of sea salt (111.98)

SNICKERDOODLE - black tea w/cloves, ginger, cinnamon bark and lemon peel ($11.98)

SNOW ANGEL - white and green tea w/vanilla, pineapple, and pink peppercorns (11.98)

SNOWFLAKE - A TEAROOM FAVORITE! - blend of black teas w/coconut, almond, and cinnamon (11.98)

SPICED CARAMEL APPLE - black tea w/dried apples, caramel, and spices ($11.98)

TRANQUILI"TEA" - a tranquil and relaxing cup of chamomile, peppermint 

and rose hips ($11.98)

WALNUT GREEN - a delicious green tea w/walnuts and pineapple bits ($11.98)

WHITE CHOCOLATE COCONUT LATTE - a black and white tea w/cocoa, coconut, and milk ($11.98)

YULETIDE - Black tea spiced with citrus, almond, clove and cinnamon ($11.98)


CHAI AMERICAN - a smooth and satisfying chai blend perfect for anytime of year ($11.98)

CARAMEL CHAI - black chair w/a caramel twist! ($11.98)

ROOIBOS CHAI - an herbal decaf chai blend ($11.98)



CRANBERRY ORANGE - a refreshing blend of cranberries, oranges apple bit, blackberry leaves and rosehips (great iced too with a little honey! $11.98)

FALLING LEAVES - an old time fall favorite - herbal rooibos w/maple flavor and tiny candy leaves ($11.98)

LEMON MERINGUE - herbal lemongrass, lemon rind, blackberry leaves and vanilla ($11.98)

LEMONGRASS GINGER - a delightful soothing herbal tea...a new personal favorite!) ($11.98)

LIME CHFFON - rooibos w/refreshing lime taste w/ q creamy note ($11.98)

LOVE YOURSELF - herbal tea w/peppermint, chamomile, ginger, orange and roses ($11.98)

MILK AND COOKIES - rooibos w/chocolate, cookie pieces, milk and cocoa ($11.98)

"OLAF" - a favorite of kids and grownups alike - roobos white chocolate, cinnamon, carrots, raisins, and ginger (reminiscent of a carrot cake flavor) ($11.98)

ORANGE MOUSSE - a light and creamy orange rooibos ($11.98)

PEACEFUL MIND - calming and relaxing herbal rooibos w/lavender and coconut ($11.98)

PEPPERMINT PAT"TEA" - rooibos with a lively peppermint taste w/ the smoothness of vanilla ($11.98)

ROOIBOS PINEAPPLE UPSIDE DOWN CAKE - w/pineapple, honey bush and cherries (comes in a black tea blend also...see above) ($11.98)

NEW -- ROOIBOS PUMPKIN SPICE CHEESECAKE -- spiced pumpkin cheesecake taste with carrots, raisins, white chocolate and sparkling sugars 

SILENT NIGHT - an herbal chamomile and lavender tea for calming and relaxing (a great bedtime tea) ($11.98)

STRAWBERRY LEMON - a fruit blend of strawberries, lemon, hibiscus, apple, orange and blackberry ($11.98)

TRANQUILI'TEA' - a relaxing and soothing herbal blend of chamomile, peppermint and hose hips (a great evening soother) ($12.98)

VERY BERRY MERRY - delightful all berry and fruit blend ($11.98)

WITCH'S BREW - a rooibos and green  tea blend with black cats, orange sprinkles

and sunflower blossoms ($11.98)





Plain Scone Mix  $8.98


(all packaged scones include enough mix for 8 to 12 scones

just add the wet ingredients as listed on the back of the package; any fruits and or nuts can be added to the dry ingredients.  BE CREATIVE!  And please if you have a recipe you want to share we would love to hear from you.)

ALMOND JOY (a popular choice for tearoom customers includes chocolate chips, almonds, and coconut

BLUEBERRY LEMON (OR MIXED BERRY) (dried blueberries, cherries, and cranberries very nice summer choice)

CHOCOLATE CHIP (a blend of semi sweet and white chocolate for you chocoholics)

WHITE CHOCOLATE CHERRY (the addition of white chocolate and dried cherries makes this scone yummy).  Add a little almond extract and wow!

CINNAMON PECAN RAISIN (our basic scone recipe with added cinnamon, pecans, and raisins - a great breakfast scone)

CRANBERRY ORANGE a favorite during the fall and holiday season for sure but I love them anytime of year)

LAVENDER - our signature scone (a subtle blend of organic lavender flowers and lemon zest makes this a tearoom favorite.. I also like to with a lemon glaze).

SULTANA SCONE MIX - "SULTANA" has it's roots in Irish and British traditions and "Sultana" is their word for "raisin" - this scone is filled with plump golden raisins

ROSEMARY  (Just add CHEDDAR) - our savory scone and hands down one of the most requested...just add the organic rosemary sprigs that come with the mix to the dry ingredients and then add freshly grated cheddar; goes great with any meal.  This recipe is somewhat different than our sweet scone recipe as it does not call for as much sugar.


What People Say About Us!

Tea Time Magazine's "Taking Tea" Favorite Recipes from Notable tearooms and "must see"

tearooms in the U.S.

(Hoffman Media, 2016), included Camellia's in their book of 18 top notable tearooms and hotels in the U.S., calling Camellia's Tea Parlor, "Something to feel good about."

We were pleased to be voted The Sentinel's"Best in Cumberland Valley" for 2016, 2017 and 2018!

And nothing makes us more satisfied than being voted BEST OF CARLISLE!          (2014,15,16,17, 18)




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Gift Shop
We have "pop up" gift shop hours which are usually posted here or  on our Facebook page.  Packaged teas and scone mixes and some gift items can be purchased through our online store for pick up or shipping.
Our Tea Room is permanently closed.


“One of my favorite places to go. A great place to go for a fun day with the girls or a romantic date with your Valentine.”

— Michele K. Swanger via Facebook

“This is by far my favorite tea room! Delicious food, wonderful service, and an incredible atmosphere. Best in the area by far!!!”

— Holly C. Wallen via Facebook

Thank you to all our loyal customers for the past 17 years!


Camellia's Sin

36 W. Pomfret Street

Carlisle, PA  17013




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